Every year, March 8 is dedicated to women's rights celebrations by the UN. To mark this day in an exceptional way, MDF Benin, in collaboration with the Young Initiative for Land in Africa (YILAA), through the Preparation Project for the Scaling of the National Cadastre (PPMEC), initiated an innovative action. Under the inspiring theme "Investing in Women: Accelerating the Pace," this collaboration brought together 50 women from different regions of Benin for high-level national training on women's rights to land and the State Land Code.

Experts from PPMEC (a project funded by the Netherlands Embassy in Benin) brilliantly led sessions on crucial subjects such as land registry, land security, and land conflict management, placing particular emphasis on mechanisms developed in favor of the rights of women, young people, and other vulnerable groups to land. During the opening ceremony, PPMEC Project Manager, Dr. Damien N'LEDJI GBEDJI, underlined the crucial importance of women's and young people's access to land in sustainable economic development.

A strong commitment emerged from this day, as each participant committed to training fifty other women in turn. This was with the ambitious objective of reaching 2,500 women over time.

For more information, visit PPMEC Project Website.