MDF has a lot to celebrate. It is because 40 years ago, we began an exciting journey in the development sector.

This year, 2024, symbolises our four decades of dedication, commitment, collaboration and unity across our eight offices working toward positive change for a better world.

A lively online event brings the offices together

Our festivities kicked off on 4 April. MDF gathered our global staff in an online event where we engaged in different and fun activities to bring our offices together. This was a lively event where staff used this event to unveil their hidden talents, ranging from dancing, cooking and poetry to mastering busy streets, sign language, music, photography and even skateboarding. This launch for the 40th-anniversary celebration gave an enjoyable opportunity for the team to know more about colleagues, showcase their different talents, strengthen connections and inter-office relationships, all while uniting as one global MDF.

A bit of our story: From Ede, The Netherlands to across the world

In 1984, Henk van Loo embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between technical expertise and practical skills in international cooperation. Beginning at his parents' hotel in Ede, The Netherlands, he initiated advanced project management training, laying the foundation for the 'Management for Development Foundation' (MDF). Over time, MDF experienced significant expansion, reaching countries such as Sri Lanka, Brussels, Tanzania, Kenya, DR Congo, Indonesia, Ghana, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Benin, Vietnam and The Netherlands during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Later on, came an era of leadership and vision. This evolution brought about diversification into enterprise development and expanded operations. In 2022, MDF unveiled a revised global strategy embodied in five core value propositions, setting the stage for the grand 40th-anniversary celebration scheduled for 2024.

As MDF marks its 40th anniversary, it proudly presents a team of over 100 members across eight offices, showcasing growth and influence on international cooperation.

The next chapters of our celebrations

The MDF 40th anniversary events calendar is full of activities, including internal events and webinars open to our clients' and partners' participation. These activities will happen in the next seven months, with the last special event on 4 October 2024, the day of our anniversary.

With this milestone, MDF reaffirms its mission and commitment in "Empowering People, Creating Impact". Our guiding principle believes that when people are motivated and equipped, they can drive positive change. And to do so, MDF uses its pragmatic approach: "We don't invent theories, we make them work". This is our philosophy to effectively empower individuals, organisations and networks, turning best-practice theories into functional realities.