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Waste to Value Innovation Challenge: A business case of a plastic circular economy

Waste to Value Innovation Challenge: A business case of a plastic circular economy

The Client and the Challenge

Client: WWF Kenya

The Challenge: Formalising and improving logistics and skills around the plastic circular economy in Coastal Kenya.

WWF Kenya, through the Danida Market Development Partnerships (DMDP) and its Waste to Value project, sought innovative partners to find sustainable solutions for managing plastic waste. These partners were to work with WWF Kenya and other consortium partners to enhance logistics and skills in the plastic circular economy.

The Solution, The Process and Innovation

The Solution:

The Waste to Value project promotes a circular plastics economy by providing technical support and resources to businesses and organisations in Mombasa. WWF, DMDP, and MDF (innovation challenge partner) created the Innovation Challenge to develop an ecosystem that supports individuals with innovative solutions in the plastic circular economy, assisting them in product development and business training.

MDF identified businesses in the plastic industry within Mombasa, Kwale, and Lamu to participate in the Innovation Challenge. SMEs applied through online advertising, and a number were selected to join.

The Process:

The mission began with MDF and WWF staff visiting selected enterprises to assess their current conditions and plan assistance.

Following these visits and an Organisational Capacity Assessment, we identified the enterprises' specific needs, including:

  • Strategy design and implementation
  • Statutory compliance
  • Financial management
  • Leadership and management
  • Business sustainability

Enterprises benefited from training sessions covering key elements of business sustainability, such as setting up and running a business, business registration, creating an online presence, digital marketing, and sustainable practices.


Innovation was defined in the following contexts:

  • Challenge Solution: Providing knowledge on building social enterprises and business development within a circular economy framework to address plastic waste.
  • Partnership Purpose: Collaborating with private plastic recyclers, WWF-Kenya, and MDF to turn plastic waste into a valuable commodity and promote a circular plastics economy.
  • Innovation Approach: Ensuring inclusion, impact, and sustainability.

The Innovation Challenge was designed to serve those it aims to help. We created opportunities for players in the plastic circular economy, including private and public sectors, youth, community organisations, educational institutions, NGOs, civil society organisations, and local innovation hubs, to interact and strengthen the plastic circular economy in Mombasa County.


2 years, from November 2022 to November 2024, implemented in 18 months up to June 2024.

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